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Fast food giant data breach getting much worse

Fast food giant data breach getting much worse

Where's the beef? It's with Wendy's and their data breach.

Back in January, the popular fast-food chain began investigating a data breach. The breach was identified when malicious software was found within Wendy's point-of-sale systems, which are used to process payments from customers.

Another report in May found that the breach only affected 300 locations (5 percent of its stores) and said that the malware was removed from the system as quickly as possible, but the breach itself has not been fully contained. Credit card companies and banks were still being hit with fraud claims.

That means the investigation is still ongoing, and now the company is warning that the breach is even bigger than they originally stated. The official number of affected locations was not released, but here's what was released in detail about the breach:

In this continued investigation, the Company has recently discovered a variant of the malware, similar in nature to the original, but different in its execution. The attackers used a remote access tool to target a POS system that, as of the May 11th announcement, the Company believed [it] had not been affected. This malware has been discovered on some franchise restaurants’ POS systems, and the number of franchise restaurants impacted by these cybersecurity attacks is now expected to be considerably higher than the 300 restaurants already implicated. To date, there has been no indication in the ongoing investigation that any Company-operated restaurants were impacted by this activity.

The official statement also noted that the security team hired by Wendy's is working hard to get rid of the malware, but can't guarantee that there aren't other variations sitting dormant somewhere within the system.

What to do

If you've been to Wendy's anytime this year, here's what you'll want to do to keep your account safe:

  • Keep an eye on your credit reports. If there's anything fishy going on, contact your bank or credit card provider and don't be afraid to freeze your accounts.
  • You might want to consider a credit monitoring service to help you keep an eye on things.
  • Keep an eye on your emails too. You should be notified if you've been a part of the breach. Also, make sure your email account has a strong password.
  • If a breach happens, scammers take action too. If you get an email regarding the breach, make sure you look for red flags before you take action.
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