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Top Story: 13 Firefox security fixes you must update now

Top Story: 13 Firefox security fixes you must update now

If you use Mozilla Firefox as your preferred web browser, or if you have it installed on your computer, you need to know about the latest report of security bugs.

Earlier this year, a vulnerability was found in this popular browser that could allow the government to spy on you. (Click here for the full story.)

Now, 13 additional issues have been discovered after Firefox 47 was released. Two of these issues are considered critical vulnerabilities that could leave your computer or device open to cyberattacks, including clickjacking - a practice where malicious links are hidden beneath legitimate hyperlinks on webpages.

Researchers believe the first issue could lead to a problematic crash of your browser, which could allow hackers to exploit your system. The issue was identified as a "buffer overflow." The term "buffer overflow" just means that the browser was trying to store more information than it was originally intended to hold. In some cases, this leads to problems.

In Firefox 47, it appeared that parsed HTML 5 code was being read in fragments, which construed the context. This in turn caused the browser to crash.

The second vulnerability was much different. Bugs were identified in the software's memory, according to 14 independent developers for Mozilla. For security purposes, specific details of these bugs were not released to the public - however, they were reported as absolutely critical.

The remaining issues that were identified were not deemed as worrisome, but still warranted a patch, which Firefox was quick to issue. This update also included some aesthetic changes, as well as changes to the default settings of several plugins that have been known to cause problems in the past.

To get the latest patch here's what you need to do: Firefox ordinarily updates itself when you open it; this is the default setting. But if it hasn't, visit mozilla.com/firefox for the latest version. Keep your computer safe from hackers - check back to our Happening Now page often to keep abreast of all the latest digital security threats.

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