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Top Story: 379 million passwords for sale on Dark Web

Have you updated your Netflix and Facebook password yet? A few days ago, the two tech giants issued a warning to many users explaining why they should. If you missed the story, read about it here to see why the warning was so urgent.

But Facebook and Netflix aren't the only accounts you need to worry about. Over time, 379 million passwords of another tech giant have reportedly been compromised.

While you're in the process of changing your Netflix and Facebook passwords, go ahead and change your Twitter password as well. Even if your password is incredibly secure, it may have been leaked and sold on the Dark Web.

What is the Dark Web, exactly? We've mentioned it in some previous articles, but listen to these podcast episodes for all of the scary details. It really is frightening!

Researchers who identified the leak don't believe Twitter is necessarily responsible. It doesn't appear that Twitter was hacked, but rather that malware installed on Twitter users' devices and computers was the culprit.

This just goes to show how the right malware can cause problems without being noticed. Malware doesn't always cause annoying pop up ads to flash across your screen, or shut your computer down entirely. Sure, there are signs you can check for to see if your device has a virus (click here to see what they are), but sometimes malware hides in the background and simply collects your personal data. In this case, that data included private passwords.

So, what can you do?

Obviously, it's critical that you change your Twitter password right now, and on any other account where the same password was used. As you reset your passwords, remember that simple passwords are not going to cut it. Click here for tips on creating strong passwords that you can still remember.

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