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Top Story: Facebook 'scary' new tracking that you have to opt-out of

Top Story: Facebook 'scary' new tracking that you have to opt-out of

If you care even a little bit about your privacy, you can't be happy with Facebook right now. I told you a few days ago that Facebook listens to everything you're saying. (Click here to find out how to turn off Facebook's always-listening mode.)

Now, it turns out that Facebook is also tracking what you do in a way that will surprise you. Worse, they're taking information you may not even be aware of, then using it to sell targeted ads to various companies. Before you shrug it off, here's what's going on with what the online ad industry calls, "behavioral advertising tracking and targeting."

Facebook's new feature follows you around the site to see what type of content interests you. That sounds innocent enough. They just want to show you ads that are relevant to you.

But there's a lot more to it happening behind the scenes.

They're tracking you when you're on Facebook and even when you're not on Facebook. Worse, you have to proactively go into your Facebook profile and ask them to stop tracking you. Shouldn't they ask you if it's OK to track you?

Fortunately, I have a simple solution to tell Facebook to stop tracking you. (Keep reading.)

This all came to light when a university professor posted a tweet on Twitter saying in part, "I caught them defaulting us back into ad tracking and targeting." (See image below.)

Facebook tracking tweet

Facebook responded, saying this is a brand new setting, not a changed one. Good to know.

How to opt out of Facebook's behavioral ad tracking and targeting

From your Facebook profile, click on the drop-down menu in the upper right side (to the right of Find Friends).

Choose Settings >> select Ads from the left-hand side of page >> (see image below).

Edit each Yes >> select either Choose Setting >> Off, or turn Yes to No.


facebook ad tracking

If you're not exactly sure what Facebook can track based on your activity, click here to see what Facebook can collect.

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