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New life-saving tech warns of asthma attacks

New life-saving tech warns of asthma attacks
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Technology has been transforming the field of medicine for decades. But recent developments have taken things to a whole new level. From the new adhesive patch that can test blood sugar levels for patients with diabetes (no more pricking your finger!), to the contact lenses that have a telescope in them - the future of medicine is finally here, and it's changing everything.

One of the most recent developments to be shared with the media is something anyone with asthma, or who knows someone with asthma, will appreciate.

Asthma is a breathing condition that restricts the amount of air that can reach an individual's lungs. Because of this, people who suffer from asthma often can't participate in various activities, out of fear those activities might trigger and asthma attack. These attacks can range from mild to severe, and can sometimes even be fatal.

But scientists at North Carolina State University are hoping to help people with asthma live a better life. They've developed a wearable wristband and chest patch that can warn individuals when they're about to have an asthma attack. The device works in a similar way as these gadgets that can help to predict if someone is going to have a stroke.


The wristband and chest patch work together to monitor various indicators, such as movement, breathing rate, oxygen level, heart rate, etc. With the data it collects, it can then make predictions as to whether or not the individual is at risk of having an asthma attack.


Beyond the basic indicators produced by the human body, the wristband can also monitor environmental factors like allergens and toxins. These factors are also taken into consideration as the device monitors the person's risk of having an attack.

What do you think? Would you use this device if you have asthma? Let us know in the comments.

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