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Uninstall dangerous software on Windows 10 computers now

We've been talking a lot about bloatware lately. Those are software programs that come pre-installed on your PC or laptop and usually they're nothing to worry about.

However, there is an alarming new trend that you need to know about. A lot of those programs don't do a very good job with security, especially when it comes to automatic updates.

In fact, cybersecurity experts have been warning that Windows 10 computers from top-selling brands like Dell and HP have security vulnerabilities in those programs. Most manufacturers are slowly fixing these problems, but there is one big exception.

Top-selling brand Lenovo is urging you to uninstall a pre-loaded program updater now from more than 100 models of its Windows 10 laptops and PCs.

The affected program is called Lenovo Accelerator Application, which pushes updated security and other features onto its pre-installed software.

The problem is, the Lenovo Accelerator is vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks. That's when hackers intercept online conversations and can remotely insert malware onto your laptop or computer.

You may think you're talking to a friend or customer service rep when in reality you're sending your private information to a hacker. MITM attacks can also intercept communications between devices.

This comes on the heels of cybersecurity researchers at Duo Labs examining bloatware for security gaps. For Lenovo, they looked at Lenovo Solutions Center and UpdateAgent.

They found that the Solution Center has built-in systems to prevent MITM attacks. UpdateAgent, which is part of the Accelerator Application, doesn't.

"Executables and manifests are transmitted in the clear and no code-signing checks are enforced," the researchers wrote in their report.

Here's what you need to do

Lenovo is urging users to uninstall its Lenovo Accelerator Application right now.

Windows 10: Start >> Settings >> System >> Apps & Features >> click on Lenovo Accelerator Application >> Uninstall.

Bonus: For a complete list of affected Lenovo computers, click here.

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