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5 HUGE changes coming to Apple soon (Psst! Here's what they are)

5 HUGE changes coming to Apple soon (Psst! Here's what they are)
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It's that time of year again! Every summer, Apple hosts its World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC), where it announces the most exciting things the company is working on. It's a great big event that's designed to spark interest in Apple's upcoming lineup.

Apple's new streaming service, Apple Music, was just one of the major announcements made at the WWDC in 2015. There were also announcements about new features for the Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch that fell a bit flat. Click here to see where our expectations weren't met.

This year, however, it sounds like there are some exciting things in the works. Probably because Apple has been under pressure to impress consumers after it's first quarterly decline in decades. So, here's how the tech giant is hoping to rebound.

iOS 10: Rumors are spreading that a new iOS has been in the works, and may be included on the new iPhone 7, which is expected to be released this fall.

Many of the upgrades for this new operating system are centered around Siri. One change, for example, is that the new iOS will allow Siri to complete tasks in other apps, such as send a message via WhatsApp.

Other changes are also expected to be seen for Apple Pay, which could begin to allow person-to-person transactions. A redesign for Apple Music is also believed to be in the works, and announced as part of the WWDC.

MacOS: Along those lines, changes are also expected to be made for the Mac OS X. The biggest change here is that Siri is expected to make an appearance on upcoming Macs, which has never been included in the past. Connectivity between other Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches is also expected to improve through the new OS, which is currently being called MacOS among developers.

Siri comes home: One of the biggest rumors is that a home version of Siri is in the works, similar to Amazon Echo. There has been speculation over whether or not Apple was working on such a product, but now it is seeming more likely. When we can expect this new home version of Siri to hit the market is still unclear. However, it could include features like facial recognition, and the ability to sync to other smart devices to create a smart home.

Take selfies with the Apple Watch: Since it was first unveiled back in 2014, the Apple Watch has been just that - a watch. But now, if the rumors are true, the Apple Watch could be the new device you use to take all of your selfies.

It's believed that during this WWDC, Apple will announce that a camera will be included in upcoming models of the Apple Watch. In addition, the Apple Watch could be getting Wi-Fi capabilities, or the ability to connect to the Internet.

Next generation of MacBooks: Updates to the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air have been skipped by Apple for a while now. That's why it's not surprising to hear that updates may be coming this year. While the operating system is expected to benefit from the OS updates previously mentioned, there are also new features that could be exciting. A major revamp to the keyboard, which includes its own screen could be in the works, as well as a fingerprint sensor for an extra layer of security.

Overall, it sounds like Apple is really making a push to spark new interest in its products again, which have lately received criticism for their lack of new innovation. But what do you think? Is it enough to make you love Apple again? Let us know in the comments.

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