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65 million social media accounts for sale on the Dark Web

65 million social media accounts for sale on the Dark Web

Have you heard of the Dark Web? It's a place where some people surf the web anonymously to keep hackers away.

But there's a sinister side to the Dark Web, too, as the name implies. There, hackers are collecting ransom from their victims, criminals are selling stolen products and much worse.

It's not a place where you want to find your name. But if you, a family member or friend is using the hugely popular social media site Tumblr, your email address and password could be for sale on the Dark Web. (Keep reading to find out if you're on the list.)

Tumblr is owned by Yahoo. It's a site with nearly 300 million blogs, but you can also post pictures of your family, music you like, videos, articles and more.

This is shocking, though. Tumblr has confessed that up to 65 million of its users' email addresses and passwords were stolen. And, get this, it happened three years ago, right around the time Yahoo bought Tumblr.

So, why are you just now hearing about it? All those emails and passwords recently showed up for sale on the Dark Web.

This is part of a creepy new trend called "historical mega breaches." It's when hackers sit on millions of stolen credentials and start selling it years later.

In this case, your email is at risk. However, your Tumblr passwords are safe. They were protected with a two-stop encryption process known as salting and hashing. The bottom line is that, hackers can use your email address for malicious purposes, even though they can't access your Tumblr password.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Change your Tumblr password right away. In a statement, Tumblr said: "We will be requiring affected Tumblr users to set a new password." Note: Click here to find out how to create a secure password.
  2. Find out if your email is on this list by clicking here.
  3. Immediately tell all your friends and family about this massive data breach. It's easy. Just click on any of the social media buttons on the left-hand side of this page.
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Source: The Guardian
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