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This one step on your phone can save your life, notify your family you’re in trouble and help others!

We've been telling you a lot about technology that helps you maintain good health. There are fitness trackers, smartwatches with fitness tracking, and fitness apps for your phone that make sure you're staying active and in good shape.

Those are great. But, did you know there's an app that's pre-loaded on your phone that could save your life and the lives of everyone you love?

I made sure my husband Barry, my son Ian and my mother immediately updated their information on this app. You should tell your family about it, too.

It's the Health app on your iPhone. You may know that you can use it to set fitness goals and track your steps and the flights you've climbed, and more. (Note: Android users, keep reading to add emergency information to your phone.)

But be sure to also use its Medical ID. This is where you store information that your doctor needs to know, especially in emergencies. If you have any health ailments or you're allergic to any medications that emergency responders need to know, you can store it on your Medical ID. (See photo below.)

You can list out the medications you're currently taking. You can input your medical history, weight, height, blood type and more.

Plus, this is the best part.

Do you ever worry about this? Who will notify your family if you're rushed to the hospital or you're in an accident? On Medical ID you can put in the names of your emergency contacts, their phone numbers, and special instructions to call them right away.

All this information can save critical minutes in an emergency.

Here's how to use Medical ID

Tap on Medical ID >> Edit. Then, and this is really important, turn on Show When Locked. That'll ensure that first responders can see your medical information even when your iPhone screen is locked.

To make an emergency call or to see your Medical ID: Wake up your phone by swiping left to right >> tap Emergency >> make emergency call or tap Medical ID to see the medical information you have stored.

Apple Health

Note: Unlike iPhones, many companies make Android phones, so solutions vary by manufacturer. Don't worry, though. We've got a few solutions that should help you input medical information and emergency contacts on your phone.

  1. Under Settings, look for an Emergency Contact-type feature. It may be under My Information. If so, fill in your medical information and emergency contact numbers.
  2. To add an Emergency Contact to your phone: Settings >> Lock Screen >> check mark Owner Info, if you see that >> Tap the small icon to the right of Owner Info >> type in your emergency contacts' names and phone numbers. This information will scroll across your lock screen even when it is locked.
  3. Download an app like ICE: In Case of Emergency in the Google Play store ($3.99 one-time charge). a. It lists information that medical responders need, such as people to call, your doctor's phone number, your medical conditions, allergies, medications and more
    b. Displays emergency access button on your lock screen (image below)

Bonus: The next version of Android, Android N, coming out later this year that developers are already testing will let you add emergency information to your lock screen.

 ICE: In Case of Emergency- screenshot

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