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Do you have this tech phobia?

Do you have this tech phobia?

Every great advancement in human history comes with a cost. Fire was good for cooking, but could also burn you. The wheel moved things along, but also ran over a lot of things. And so it is with modern technology.

We are inseparable from our smartphones. The cost of this dependence is a new anxiety suffered by 90 percent of the population. What is this fear and how can you tell if you are afflicted?

It’s called L.B.A. or Low Battery Anxiety. A new study from phone maker LG proves the phobia has reached epidemic proportions.

Two thousand smartphone users were surveyed and nearly all reported some behavioral changes as their batteries lost power or went dead.


Smartphone Battery

Thirty-two percent said they would drop everything, no matter where they were headed, to return home and charge a low battery. L.B.A. caused men to miss matches on dating sites. Couples fought over missed calls or texts. And a third of us skip the gym if our phone is about to die.

Do you have Low Battery Anxiety? Watch for these symptoms:

  • You ask a complete stranger to borrow their charging chord.
  • You order something from a bar or restaurant just to use their power outlet.
  • And, if you own three or more smartphone charging cables, you may, in fact, suffer from this modern phobia.

But now, there’s help. If you’re feeling drained from your fear of a dying battery, take these steps to save your smartphone’s power.

1. Dim your screen and shorten screen lock time.

2. Turn off vibrations.

3. Turn off GPS.

4. Close unused apps.

5. Keep your phone cool. (Overheated batteries drain faster.)

One extra tip: when you do find a place to plug in, put your phone in “Airplane Mode.” Your battery will recharge a little quicker.

How do you react when your battery gets low? Share your fears in the comments below.

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