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Top Story: Now, Google wants to track your fingerprints

We talk about the importance of creating strong passwords a lot. In fact, just yesterday we shared this tip for creating perfect passwords to keep your accounts safe.

But it looks like big changes might be coming regarding passwords. At least, that's what the latest buzz from Google suggests.

During a recent I/O conference, Daniel Kaufman, head of Google's Advanced Technology and Projects group, told developers that the company intends to test new alternatives for passwords within the next few months. These new methods include a combination of patterns and facial recognition.

We told you about this project earlier this year. It's called Project Abacus. And although it sounds interesting and innovative, we definitely have our concerns. With Project Abacus, your entire life could factor into the creation of your password, since it works by creating a unique Trust API for each individual.

A Trust API is just a fancy way of saying trust score. Essentially, Google would be tracking you - monitoring your schedule, your habits, your favorite places to shop, eat and even the gym you usually go to - then, it will use that information to identify any suspicious activity.

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