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Can you beat the newest game taking world by storm?

Do you remember when your cellphone only had a few options for games? The days before Angry and Flappy Birds, before Candy Crush and Bejeweled? Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s we had phones like the Nokia 6110 that let you play one game, and in my opinion, the best game - Snake.

The goal of Snake was simple: guide your snake through the screen, eating dots and making your snake longer and longer. But you had to be careful not to run into a wall or even your own body. The longer the snake, the higher the score and the more you could brag to your friends.

Now, Snake is back and better than ever, and has been remastered for the next wave of millennials. Slither.io comes to us from the same people that made Agar.io and the concept is very similar. When playing Slither.io, you'll want to have your snake eat as many dots as possible, which in turn will make your snake grow.

In this "21st century version" of Snake, however, some rules have changed. You can cross over your own body and you'll need to plan defenses against other snakes that could easily take you out by crashing into you.

Keep in mind that like Agar.io, thousands of other players could be playing Slither.io at the same time as you. If you manage to have one of the 10 longest snakes on the board, you'll be on top of the leaderboard and be able to leave a message to all of the other gamers in Slither-land.

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