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Facebook changes will surprise you

Another day, another change to Facebook. At least it seems that way at times. But we think you'll really get some use out of Facebook's recent change.

We told you about Facebook Live back in December, and then again in March when more people began using it. And now Facebook has created an easier way for users to find live streaming videos.

The problem with Facebook Live Video was that it was difficult to know when people were streaming. We've tried Facebook Live video for our show and ran into this ourselves!

If you didn't know your favorite people were planning to stream, finding them was like searching for a needle in a haystack. This is case even though there are thousands of people streaming live videos at any given point in time.

During its F8 developer conference, Facebook announced a new tool that would fix this annoying problem. Here's what it looks like.


Click on a dot, and the map makes Facebook work similarly to YouTube. A video will start playing of someone who is live streaming.

When I tried it out, I found videos of SeaWorld performances, road trips and a lot of people who were just sharing their thoughts about the world.

Click here to try the interactive map on Facebook that shows you where people are streaming.

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Try it yourself, and see what you find. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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