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Trust me! You have to see what cops captured on a dash cam!

Oh, the things you can do with a dash cam. You can prove your innocence against insurance fraud or crooked cops, see first hand why you shouldn't tailgate, and you can also capture some totally unbelievable things. One police dash cam in Portland, Maine captured just that.

Close to 1 a.m., the dash cam got footage of a meteor lighting up the night sky that was also seen in several states across the Northeast and in parts of Canada.

The footage was originally posted to the Police Department's Facebook page.

It reads:

You never know what you are going to see on duty. Sgt. Farris was looking for speeders while parked in front of the central fire station and was able to observe some visitors "from away"....far away. The meteor (or alien spaceship) was caught on camera at approximately 0050 hours. Let's hope the visitors are friendly. They could just be some of Stephen King's friends on their way to visit him. Whomever they are I'm sure we could win them over with a whoopie pie.

P.S. The voice on the video stating, "oh my God"! is from Ofc. Hults. Apparently he was amazed. ‪#‎meteor‬ ‪#‎starwars‬ ‪#‎underthedome‬

This isn't the first time we've seen meteors via dash cam.

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Source: Daily Mail
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