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Boost battery power by 50%

Boost battery power by 50%

Are you constantly searching for the nearest outlet to plug in your laptop? It seems like nowadays, our digital devices' batteries go from fully charged to nearly empty in an instant. Constant use, large clunky software and live streaming are all huge factors in the mystery of where your battery disappears to.

Thankfully, there's now a new trick that can keep your laptop running longer. You can even extend the battery life by up to 50%, and all you have to do is switch the browser you use to surf the web.

The Opera web browser is well-known among a handful of diehard fans. But you should check it out, in part because it offers features you can't find in more popular browsers.  Opera saves power by simplifying code and keeping animated themes to a minimum.

It also reduces the activity on tabs in the background and cuts the frame rate to 30 frames-per-second.

What difference does that make?


In one test, a laptop using Chrome ran for just under two hours of web surfing. But a switch to Opera squeezed another hour of life from the battery.

Opera works with Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux operating systems, and not only helps to extend the battery life on your computer, but also runs up to 45% faster than Google Chrome and 21% faster than Firefox. However, this speed advantage is most apparent when using ad blockers. Click here to learn more about how Opera compares to other browsers.

Getting more life out of your laptop's battery is something everyone would benefit from. If you know someone who might enjoy this article, use the share buttons below to share it with them.

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