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Get bionic hearing with new earbuds

Get bionic hearing with new earbuds

Sometimes you just want peace and quiet. And if you're stuck in a noisy place like an airport or crowded bus it's almost impossible to achieve that, even with noise canceling earbuds.

Until now. A new set of earbuds is being tested, and they might just revolutionize the way we hear the world around us. The IQbuds from Nuheara in San Francisco are smart earbuds that offer 'bionic hearing'. What does that mean? These earbuds will not only block pesky noise, but will also boost your hearing abilities, make phone calls, and of course, play music.

The IQbuds are equipped with technology that generates sound that neutralizes annoying background noise. On the flip side, these earbuds boost hearing with built-in microphones that capture incoming audio.

Bluetooth is used to wirelessly connect the earbuds to your smartphone for handsfree entertainment. As expected, it can play music, podcasts and audiobooks. However, it can also engage with Siri and other voice-enabled apps and answer phone calls with a simple tap.

The earbuds have a four-hour battery life that are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Though it seems like a relatively short battery life, the earbuds carrying case houses three additional charges granting 12 extra hours.

Nuheara co-founder David Cannington predicts that hearables will become a large segment of the wearable market. Especially with the number of people affected by hearing loss.

"Fifty million people in the USA alone have some degree of hearing loss. They will be our early adopters," Cannington said. Moreover, younger audiences "like the idea of bionic hearing."

More than 300 people have tested the IQbuds prototypes. With $480,000 in pre-orders already, Nuheara hopes to have the devices on the market in early 2017. Learn more about these innovative earbuds in the video below.

If you want to get these amazing earbuds yourself, click here for more information from Nuheara about pre-ordering.

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