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Incredible tiny card has the storage of a laptop

Incredible tiny card has the storage of a laptop

Last summer we told you about Microdia, the biggest MicroSD card ever that could hold 512GB in memory. It was also, unfortunately, priced at $1,000.

Now, this is what we call progress, and a bargain! Samsung has a new MicroSD card that gives Microdia a run for its money. It doesn't quite reach 512GB of memory. But it does have as much storage capacity as your laptop and it's much more affordable.

The Evo Plus is a tiny MicroSD card with 256GB that matches, if not exceeds, the storage capacity of a new laptop. Which is remarkable considering its size.

You can use it for additional storage space in your smartphones, tablets, cameras, and more. It can even support devices that require massive amounts of memory, including 360-degree video cameras like the Samsung Gear 360 video camera or graphic intensive virtual reality gaming.

You can save up to 55,200 photographs on it or 23,500 songs. You can save up to 12 hours of 4K UHD video. That's the highest resolution that smartphones can handle. Or, it can store 33 hours of full HD video.

Samsung claims that these cards are fast. With read and write speeds of more than 90 MB per second, it is operating a lot faster than most MicroSD cards. It's also waterproof, temperature proof, X-ray proof, and magnetic proof.

“This level of performance [is] for storing heavy-loaded, high-resolution photography and 4K video recording, as well as graphic intensive multimedia like virtual reality and gaming,” Samsung said in a statement.

The EVO Plus 256GB card will be available in June for $249.99 with a limited 10-year warranty.

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Source: Fox News
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