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Fast-food restaurant exposes customer data for months

It seems like nowhere is safe anymore. At least, when it comes to keeping your private information safe. Whether it's your medical records, or your credit card information from a recent hotel stay, your data is at risk of being exposed.

Just last month, it looked like progress was being made when it came to data breaches. According to the Trustwave Global Security Report for 2015, more companies are now equipped to spot a data breach before it grows too large. But, even so, data breaches jumped from 19 percent in 2014 to an astonishing 41 percent in 2015, proving they still need to be treated as a major concern.

The popular fast food chain, Wendy's, just learned that the hard way. The company announced today that it was launching an investigation for a possible data breach that impacted around 300 of the store's locations.

On the bright side, Wendy's has over 5,500 locations nationwide. But, Wendy's officials also announced that the breach was still occurring.

The breach was identified when malicious software was found within Wendy's point-of-sale systems, which are used to process payments from customers. Once identified, the malware was removed from the system as quickly as possible, but the breach itself has not been fully contained. Credit card companies and banks are still being hit with fraud claims.

This story might sound slightly familiar to you. We covered the initial discovery of the Wendy's data breach back in January, but that's what makes this so frightening. Even though the breach was uncovered months ago, fraud from the breach has been traced back to transactions from March and April.

So, we have to stop and ask: Just how safe is our data? With all of the accounts we now have to register for - from Netflix, to Amazon, to our email accounts, online banking logins and more - are we putting too much trust in the companies that provide the services we use daily?

If you're curious about how much of your personal data is actually being collected, listen to this podcast episode. It's shocking.

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