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Craigslist users' lives depend on this app

Craigslist users' lives depend on this app
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We're still haunted by the chilling story of the Craigslist killers earlier this year. You know, the ones who have racked up over 100 murders, that we know of. We also haven't forgotten the tragic story of the Georgia couple that went missing after trying to buy a car on Craigslist. From murder to stealing $75,000 in belongings from a family, Craigslist crooks are the scariest criminals around. Especially since millions of Craigslist transactions are completed each year.

Before you decide you're never participating in an online transaction again, we have good news. A new feature was announced today for Qwilo, an officially licensed Craigslist app, and it might just save your life.

Though numerous Craigslist transactions are safely completed each year, there are still too many incidents where something goes wrong. That's why the Safe Meeting Place feature by Qwilo is being introduced. The hope is that this app will reduce the number of unexpected incidents and protect users from criminals and scammers.

The idea for this life-saving app was born when Bryan Leptich, lead developer of Qwilo, was asked to accompany a friend to meet a seller they found on Craigslist for extra precautions. "We're always looking for new ways to improve the Craigslist experience for our users and adding Safe Meeting Places gives our users additional peace of mind when buying or selling something on Craigslist," Leptich said.

This free app only takes one easy click to show users the closest police station or coffee shop to safely conduct their Craigslist transaction. The Safe Meeting Places feature displays the closest 10 locations and even allows users to quickly view the address and phone number of the location.

Phillip Lee, product manager for Qwilo, wants to take the apprehension out of online transactions by creating an easy system that allows both the seller and buyer to feel safe. Even with the app, Lee recommends users always follow Craigslist's Safety Tips including meeting in a public area, tell a friend where you're going or have them accompany you, bring your cellphone, and always follow your instinct. Watch this video for more Craigslist safety tips and how to spot a scammer.


As of now this app is only available for Apple users. Hopefully that changes soon, but in the meantime Android users should try using bSafe, which tracks your location and alerts friends if you are in danger. Apple users can download Qwilo from the App Store.

Protect your loved ones before they get involved in a Craigslist transaction gone bad. Share this story and spread the news about this important new safety feature. It might just save your loved one's life.

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