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Secret Facebook settings to un-clutter your news feed

Facebook knows you. So they fill your News Feed with ads and product pages they think you’ll love. But, why do you keep seeing delicious looking cheeseburgers? Don't they know you're on a diet?

Facebook tracks your every click, like and post. They even follow your web searches beyond their site to get to know you better. Some call it spying. But Facebook says your history helps them target ads to your tastes.

Now, you have the power to change what Facebook sends you. Here's how:

1- In your settings click “ads” on the left side of the page.

2- In the Facebook Ads section choose “edit” in the “Ads based on my preferences” box and click the blue “Visit Ad Preferences” box.


3- Click the down arrow on the left side of each category to see which ads Facebook thinks you like. Hover over any entry you want to remove and click the “x” at the right.


But, how about telling Facebook what you do like? Easy! You can add categories simply by searching in the search bar above.


Just remember, editing your ad preferences changes the type of ads you’ll see but not the amount of ads in your feed.

If you’re really not comfortable with how well Facebook knows you, then you should listen to my free podcast about all the ways we’re being tracked, followed and manipulated in the digital age.

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