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10 reasons NOT to switch to Windows 10

10 reasons NOT to switch to Windows 10
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If you want to save $119 on your Windows 10 upgrade, you have to act fast. Microsoft's year-long deal to upgrade from Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1 to its new Windows 10 is ending in just a few weeks.

But, should you make the switch? We've told you about some incredible improvements that Microsoft has made with its newest operating system.

For instance, it brought back the Start button that disappeared a few years ago and it comes with Microsoft's excellent new Web browser, Edge. And, of course, Windows 10 is free until its Anniversary Update comes out this summer. Then, Windows 10 will cost $119.

But, frankly, Windows 10 isn't a good OS for everyone. Here are 10 reasons you may want to wait to get Windows 10:

10. Drivers don't always work well for video, printers, and more, especially if they're not Microsoft products

9. Software compatibility issues for many non-Microsoft programs

8. Microsoft may remotely delete pirated software

7. Lockscreen ads

6. Microsoft doesn't sell competing brands in its online stores

5. Blue Screen of Death and other hard-to-understand error messages

4. Big catch - option to rollback to older Windows requires your computer to have 25 percent of unused capacity

3. A downside to automatic updates - could make system restore difficult

2. Murky pricing - Microsoft hasn't said how much it'll charge for Windows 10 in the future or for upgrades

1. Privacy hog - Windows 10 collects more data about you than any other OS in history

Note: If you're concerned that Windows 10 is collecting too much of your private information, here's one simple way to take control of your privacy.

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