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A really shocking new way to wake up

A really shocking new way to wake up
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Are you a morning person?

If the answer is a resounding NO! then we have a shocking new way to wake you up. Get ready for the snooze button that strikes back.

The Shock Clock Wakeup Trainer. That’s right, a wearable wristband that will zap you out of bed. It’s the latest creation from a company called Pavlock.


Its founder, Maneesh Sethi, is a blogger who became Internet-famous when he hired a woman to slap him every time he mindlessly opened Facebook. He says “our bodies have a natural internal clock that’s easy to ignore."

Shock Clock forces you to abide by your internal clock. It syncs to an app on your phone. You set your alarm in a variety of combinations. For instance, first it will beep, then vibrate and if you don’t answer either of those, it shoots a mini bolt of lightning into your wrist.

The strength of the shock is also adjustable. One sleepy reviewer described the shock as “unpleasant” more than painful. But she also claimed that from the moment she slipped the wrist band on and went to bed, all she could think about was not wanting to get shocked.

It was similar to the “dread” you might experience upon seeing a needle at your doctor’s office. That particular reviewer eventually gave up on the wearable wake up-aid, at least for its intended purpose, when she found an even better usage for the wristband.

She wore it to work and manually zapped herself every time she craved a sugary snack. It proved to be very successful in helping her steer clear of her workplace candy machine. Hey, whatever works, right?   Shock Clock will be available in September, selling for around $99.

Watch this video to see how it works:

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