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Awesome! Never lose your luggage again

Awesome! Never lose your luggage again
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The end of a frustrating era is coming, and that’s a really good thing. I’m talking about lost luggage.

This week Delta Airlines announced plans to begin using RFID technology to keep track of your bags from check-in to baggage claim.

The tiny radio transmitters make it possible to locate each and every piece of luggage no matter where it is in their handling system.

Here’s how it works: Your checked baggage will get an RFID tag instead of the digital bar code sticker. Electronic sensors throughout the system will follow each bag and make sure it’s routed to the proper spot. If, for whatever reason, your bag zigs when it should have zagged, the system sends an instant alert and handlers can correct the problem long before your bag takes off in the wrong direction.

Right now, airlines claim they get you and your bags to the same spot 95 percent of the time. RFID tracking has a 99 percent success rate.

By the end of August, the world’s second largest airline will be placing paper RFID tags on passengers' bags at 344 airports, including Atlanta, where Delta is headquartered. Australia’s Qantas Airline has used RFID for a while.

But, so far, Delta is the only major U.S. carrier planning to implement the new bag tracking technology.

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