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Facebook gets one new feature you'll actually love

Facebook has been beefing up encryption for its most popular apps, but those extra layers of security aren't something you can always see. However, the most recent change Facebook announced will make the user experience a lot different.

We know what you're thinking. Each time Facebook, or any tech company for that matter, changes the programs we're familiar with, it can be a little scary. Remember when Microsoft removed the start menu from Windows 8? That was a disaster!

But it sounds like Facebook's newest security feature is something you'll actually love. To keep your messages confidential, Facebook Messenger will now allow "disappearing messages," which will be similar to Telegram's key feature.

The following Tweet made by @iOSAppChanges, provided a brief demonstration of these disappearing messages.

Within Messenger, a note appears that says, "You turned on disappearing messages. New messages will disappear from this conversation 15 minutes after being sent."

Telegram and Snapchat are a few other apps that currently have the disappearing messages feature, which is why it's no surprise that Facebook followed suit. With the recent focus that has been placed on users' privacy rights, chat options that provide privacy have become more appealing.

It's also believed that Facebook is exploring the possibility of including "secret chats," which would allow for encrypted communication between two end-users.

The disappearing messages feature is still in the testing phase, but is currently available for some Android and Apple users in France where the beta program is running. No information has yet been released as to when the feature will be available to the public, but Facebook's team is looking forward to the feedback they receive.

"Disappearing messages gives people another fun option to choose from when they communicate on Messenger," Facebook's press statement claims. "We look forward to hearing people's feedback as they give it a try."

So, the next time you use Facebook Messenger to chat with your family and friends, let them know that this exciting tool is coming. You can also use the buttons below to spread the word.

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Source: Venture Beat
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