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These gadgets will make travel stress-free - there's just one catch

There are some amazing and cool gadgets coming soon for people on the move. How soon? Well, that depends on support from the "crowd."

There was a time when the latest "must have" travel accessories could be found at Sharper Image, Brookstone or even SkyMall. Now, there's a better way to find gadgets that'll save you time and stress headaches the next time you take a vacation.

Check out sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo for new and innovative tech devices that are will be available soon, just not yet. The cool thing about crowd-funding sites is you can often be the first in line to get a new gadget. If you make a contribution, even a small one.

Here are three great to scope out right now. (Note: Click here to get the free Travel with Kim newsletter.)

Woollip Travel Pillow  A smart pillow for smart travelers. It's described as an innovative frontal travel pillow that lets you find your ideal sleeping position. (Picture someone leaning forward on their airline tray table with their face down in the pillow.) The Kickstarter campaign runs through mid May, but it has soared past its financial goal. Meaning, you'll be able to buy it soon.


Dash Minimalist Travel Wallet  An ultra-thin wallet that carries everything you need and protects your passport with RFID. This is another campaign that has reached its goal but there's still time to add your support and get a prototype when it ships later this year.

Bonus: Find great deals on RFID wallets and purses in the Komando Shop.

Dash Wallet

Shooz the world's first modular tech travel shoe. Lightweight, comfortable shoes that consist of a sole and several interchangeable "skins," giving you the ability to change their look. This campaign, a kickstarter staff pick, was successfully funded already but they're still accepting pre-orders.


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