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What’s iPhone Pro? See it here

What’s iPhone Pro? See it here

Rumors about the upcoming iPhone 7 have been running rampant since the day the iPhone 6 was released, and here's the latest one to join the mill: there will be the iPhone Pro.

It could be called the iPhone 7, it could be the iPhone 7 Pro, or iPhone 7 Plus. Apple likes to keep these details under wraps, but what we do know with somewhat certainly is that the new phone, expected to be released in September, will have a dual lens system, a smart connector and increased storage.

According to leaked photos, the cameras will be inside a pill-shaped enclosure and have a microphone and flash like on previous models, but what's interesting is the three dots seen in the photos at the bottom. This is most likely a magic smart connector, which connects current iPad Pros to their keyboards. It's unclear what its functionality for the iPhone will be.

Rumors also suggest the phone's storage will increase from 128GB to 256GB.


But, we might have to wait until September to find out if the iPhone Pro will be a thing or not, or what the real name is. Apple's "Let us loop you in" event slated for March 21 is expected to debut the 4-inch iPhone SE and other new 5-5-inch models, as well as the new 9.7 inch iPad.

In the meantime, we are free to speculate our little hearts out. Here's a roundup of all the rumors going around:

Be sure to stay tuned into Komando.com's Happening Now page. We'll be covering the March 21 event and will have all the news as it breaks.

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