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Can you spot the cheetah hidden in this nature photo?

It's always nice to take a quick break, and do something stress free. Whether it's watching a few silly cat videos, reading through "Ask Me Anything" feeds on reddit or taking online quizzes, the Internet offers a vast variety of ways to kill time.

One of the funnest ways to kill time is with a challenge. Few things are better than a little game of virtual "hide and seek." A few weeks ago, we shared the viral "Find the Panda" drawings. But this week, we're on the hunt for a hidden cheetah.

Cheetahs are most known for their speed, but they also have great camouflage. That becomes apparent when you look at this photo:

Spot the cheetah

Only the sharpest eyes will see what Francois Collin - a tourist guide from Pretoria, South Africa - captured in this shot. At first, the image looks like an ordinary landscape of the African savanna. But when if look closer, you'll find a hunting cheetah.

Can you find it?

Spot the cheetah2

If you spotted the cheetah right away, your vision is top notch! The cheetah is perfectly camouflaged against the grasses and hills of the savanna.

Collin isn't a professional photographer, and actually used his iPhone to capture the shot. When asked about it, Collin said, "I take random pictures of subjects that I find interesting. I sometimes post them to Facebook. This one is hard to see, hence the tongue-in-cheek caption 'spot the cat'. I doubt if I'll capture the same shot again."

Encounters like these happen only once in a lifetime, but Collins' photo has been repeatedly shared. The image has gone viral since it was first posted to Facebook.

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