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Coming soon: Facebook launching new 'like' button

The moment the world has been waiting for is almost here. After years of the public clamoring for a "dislike" button, Facebook is finally ready to roll out its first major update to the "like" button. Of course, it won't actually say "dislike" on it.

If you've been following the story with us for the last year, you probably know that the new system is called Facebook Reactions. And instead of just forcing you to "like" something, you can express several other emotions as well that might be more suited to the situation.

When Facebook first revealed the system, those emotions were "love," "haha," "wow," "sad," "angry" and "yay." Plus, the usual "like."


After a few months of testing in Spain and Ireland, however, the "yay" reaction has been removed. It seems no one could figure out quite where to use it. Maybe it should have been labeled "excited" instead.

Still, if you can't wait to start trying these out yourself, Mark Zuckerberg told investors that it would be rolling out worldwide "pretty soon." So, keep an eye out for it.

Of course, as the BBC points out, it will take a period of adjustment. When do you "like" something vs. "love" it? Are you actually going to let people know that something they posted made you angry?

If you get an "angry" on a post with no explanation, how are you going to respond? What if you get a "haha" on a post you didn't mean to be funny?

Then there's the advertising angle. You already know that Facebook is collecting your information for advertisers to help them target you with ads. Now they won't just know what you're thinking, they'll know better what you're feeling.

Simon Calvert from the marketing group Lida has an interesting take. "Emotions travel five times faster than rational thought. So the ability to build better emotional connections with consumers is something that advertisers really prize."

What do you think of the new Facebook Reactions? Are you going to use them when they appear? Is it just going to lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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