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Google has a free online course on cutting-edge computer science

Google has a free online course on cutting-edge computer science
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Google is known for its innovation, but when you think of this Internet giant, "school" usually isn't a term that comes to mind. Maybe it should be.

Just recently, Google announced its plans to begin offering a free online class via an education website called Udacity. The course is designed to help programmers take their game to the next level, and develop the skills they need to be successful in the field. It will focus on "deep learning," which Google uses in products like its Photos app.

Deep learning uses various layers of neural networks to analyze and interpret data sets. For example, in the Photos app, deep learning helps users by automatically categorizing their photos based on the objects in them.

To take this free course, you need to have a background in programming, otherwise the concepts will likely be too advanced to understand. Udacity recommends that students have at least two years of experience before enrolling.

Once enrolled, students can plan on attending the course for a period of three months, with a workload of around six hours per week. The course structure has four main lessons that teach the concepts of deep learning, and allow students to experiment with building their own models.

The course is online, which means there are no set times when students need to be in class. You can enroll and complete assignments at your own pace. No official college credit hours are awarded to students for completion. The course is simply intended to help students develop their skills.

"Our overall goal in designing this course was to provide the machine learning enthusiast a rapid and direct path to solving real and interesting problems with deep learning techniques," Google explained in a recent blog post. "It has been a lot of fun putting together with the fantastic team of experts in online course design and production at Udacity."

If you'd like more details about Google's free course, see the Udacity blog post. Or, click here to enroll.

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