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Would you wear this weird thing on your neck if it could save you from neck pain?

If you've ever woken up with a pain in your neck, and who hasn't, you know it's an especially annoying pain. No matter how many pills you take, the pain lingers.

Or if you've been stuck in coach on a long flight, you might get off the plane with your neck throbbing. There are all sorts of pills, pillows and gadgets designed to prevent that pain, or to alleviate it.

The Korean company NAMU thinks all those pills and gadgets are taking the wrong approach to neck pain. The company, which designed a device to prevent neck pain, says it's caused by bad posture. (See photos and videos above and below.)

Have you heard of "text neck"? That's pain caused by the position you and everyone else seems to be permanently in as we look down at our smartphones. Or, at work or school, you may find yourself getting neck pain from hunching over your laptop or tablet.

In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that more than 14% of people suffer from neck pain. NAMU estimates that 80% of office workers do.

So, it created Alex. It's a fitness-tracker type of device that you wear like a backwards pair of sunglasses. A pivot sensor is placed at your hairline.

Alex doesn't alleviate neck pain; it coaches you to maintain proper posture. If you don't, Alex gently vibrates.


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