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January is winding down and so is online dating

January is winding down and so is online dating
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Have you kept to your new year's resolutions so far this year? Have you stuck to your diet? Have you been exercising? Have you been saving money? Sure, the first few weeks in January you were doing great, but after a few weeks, are you still at it?

Three weeks into the month, resolutions are beginning to fall off the board for almost everyone. Healthy snacks are turning into into greasy chips, salads are turning into savory steaks and gyms are getting less and less crowded.

The same can be said about online dating sites. In fact, January is the hottest month of the year for most online dating sites. That's because single people are generally feel cold and lonely during the holidays. So they sign up in droves for various dating sites, hoping to find love.

Despite the fact that Valentine's Day, the ultimate and hottest holiday for love, is in February, most sites like Coffee Meets Bagel inevitably cool down and see less users coming to, or staying on, and using their services. What could some of the reasons be?

There's the correlation between other new year's resolutions dropping off in February, or the fact that online dating requires a lot of work for it to be successful.

Much like searching for a job, these profiles require thought and you need a sufficient amount of time to communicate with a person before you decide to meet in real life. For example, some users might have been upset with their results, when in fact, they didn't put much effort into their own profiles.

"Ninety percent of the people out there are not your future partner," dating coach Evan Marc Katz told NBC. "You think you're going to fall in love within 28 days? Don't put pressure on yourself. It's more about a dedication to the process."

So if you haven't yet found love, don't give up just yet! Here's a list of dating sites you can try and here are some tips and tricks to finding success. Also, remember that you need to be careful when dating online. Click here for tips on how to stay safe.

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