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2015's most pirated shows - guess which was crowned king

2015's most pirated shows - guess which was crowned king
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As 2015 comes to an end, it's always fun to look back on the things that made the year so memorable. From pop culture, to the top news stories, to game-changing world events, 2015 has seen it all. One of the funnest things to look back on, though, is what everyone seems to be watching. And when we say "watching," what we really mean is "watching illegally."

The common term for it is "pirating," and it's almost funny that this taboo practice also carries with it some surprising prestige. To be the most pirated show is considered a badge of honor to some. But to others, not so much. Although producers are flattered by the popularity of their content, they're ultimately still hoping you'll actually pay to watch the show.

Regardless of what the show's creators may think, the numbers are in. A recent report by BitTorrent now shows us which shows had the most heavily-pirated episodes in 2015, and many on the list will surprise you.

So, which show takes the crown with the most pirated episode? Here is the top 10 countdown:

10. Suits


Coming in at number 10, with 2,600,000 illegal downloads is "Suits." This popular show features an unlikely duo: College dropout Mike Ross and New York City lawyer Harvey Specter. Odd circumstances lead Mike to find work at Harvey's prestigious law firm, even though he's never been to law school.

The show first aired in 2011 on the USA cable network, and has grown in popularity ever since. Currently, the show has an estimated 2,380,000 viewers, and is gearing up to air its sixth season.

9. The Blacklist



Coming in at number nine, with 2,900,000 illegal downloads, is "The Blacklist." This is an American crime drama featuring Raymond "Red" Reddington - a former Navy officer, turned criminal. Red is a fugitive who is wanted by the FBI, and turns himself in to help track down other criminals in his affiliated network.

The show first aired in 2013 on the NBC. Currently, the show has an estimated 10,110,000 viewers, and is on its third season.

8. Supergirl


Number eight on the list is "Supergirl," with 3,000,000 illegal downloads. This show is based on the DC Comics, and follows Kryptonian refugee, Kara Zor-El, as she discovers her superpowers and learns to live among humans.

The show premiered in October 2015 on CBS and already has an estimated 12,960,000 viewers.

7. Vikings


Coming in at number seven, with 3,300,000 illegal downloads is "Vikings." This show is about a hero of Norse legends, named Ragnar Lothbrok. Ragnar is a Viking who begins as a farmer and eventually becomes king of Denmark. The show follows Ragnar on all of his pillaging adventures, and wars between various contenders for the throne.

"Vikings" premiered in 2013, and has an estimated 5,010,000 viewers. It recently aired its third season.

6. Mr. Robot


Number six is "Mr. Robot," with 3,500,000 illegal downloads. "Mr. Robot" follows Elliot Alderson, who works at a cybersecurity company. He struggles with anxiety disorders and depression, and he's also a hacker. But, his hacking activity leads him to vigilante work in his community.

The show was picked up by the USA cable network for at least two seasons, and currently has an estimated 1,750,000 viewers.

5. The Flash


With 3,600,000 illegal downloads, fifth on the list is "The Flash." This is another show based on DC Comics that has grown quickly in popularity. The show features Barry Allen (aka The Flash), who fights crime with his super-human speeds.

The show first aired in 2014 on The CW, and now has an estimated 4,010,000 viewers. It's gearing up to air its second season.

4. Arrow


DC Comics steals the show again, with "Arrow" coming in at number four on the list. The show has 3,900,000 illegal downloads, and is about a vigilante named Oliver Queen. Oliver spent five years shipwrecked on an abandoned island, which led to the death of his father. When he finally returns home, he spends his time unraveling the mystery behind the shipwreck's cause, and fighting against wealthy criminals.

The show is one of The CW's most highly rated series, and has an estimated 3,920,000 viewers.

3. The Big Bang Theory


It's no surprise that "The Big Bang Theory" makes an appearance at the top of this list, coming in at number three. The popular comedy has 4,400,000 illegal downloads and features a crew of geeks and a hot babe named, Penny. The gang shares an apartment and lives across the hall from Penny. The show follows their awkward interactions and geeky outlooks on life.

"The Big Bang Theory" has been around since 2007, and recently aired its ninth season. Currently, it has an estimated 18,300,000 viewers.

2. The Walking Dead


Coming in at number two, with 6,900,000 illegal downloads, is "The Walking Dead." This show is based off of a comic book series that shares the same name, and has the setting of the zombie apocalypse. Its lead character is Rick Grimes, a former cop, who becomes a leader of the few survivors. Together, they fight against zombies in an ongoing effort to stay alive.

The show first aired in 2010, and has skyrocketed in popularity. Currently, the show has an estimated 15,780,000 viewers, and is in its sixth season.

1. Game of Thrones


Claiming the number one spot for the fourth year in a row, is (of course) "Game of Thrones". With 14,400,000 illegal downloads, "Game of Thrones" dominated 2015 when it came to pirating. And it's only fitting that this series would be crowned king, considering the show's own storyline.

Based on the famous fantasy series written by George R.R. Martin, "Game of Thrones" follows kings and lords as they fight against one another to win the crown of Westeros. The show has received a great deal of attention from fans and critics alike, and since its beginnings in 2011, it has become one of HBO's most watched shows.

This April, "Game of Thrones" will air its highly-anticipated sixth season. It has an estimated 8,110,000 viewers, and the number continues to grow each year.

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