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You better change your Livestream password right now

You better change your Livestream password right now

You don't want Christmas to be a time to think about your online security, and changing passwords, but hackers don't really care about your plans. There's a massive data breach we need to alert you to.

If you're one of the 40-plus million people who watches live events on Livestream each month, you may be at risk. It's issued an alert, saying that an unauthorized user may have accessed your account. (See email next page.)

It's likely the hacker accessed your name, email address and your encrypted password. If you gave Livestream your birthday and phone number, the hackers may have also accessed that information.

Livestream says it doesn't store your credit card information, so that does not seem to be at risk. Livestream also says there's no indication hackers decoded any encrypted passwords.

Encryption is when your information is scrambled and can only be unlocked with a password. It's very difficult for hackers to break through encrypted passwords.

If you have a Livestream account, the company is requiring you to reset your password. You may have received an email from Livestream about this, where you're instructed to click on a button to be redirected to set your password. (See photo below.)

However, to be extra cautious, you should never click on links within an email. Instead, click here or go directly to the Livestream site to reset your password.

With Livestream, you can watch live events on its site, or on streaming media players like Roku, Apple TV, Android or Apple devices, and others. You can watch events such as President Obama chatting with former President Bill Clinton, fashion shows, graduation ceremonies and corporate events.

Note: Are you using secure passwords? If you need help creating a secure password, or hiding yourself when you're online, or protecting yourself from hackers, visit the Komando Security Center often. There, you'll find tips on creating passwords, finding low-cost or free anti-virus programs, and much more.

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