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How do you even pronounce 'read receipts'?

Do you ever receive notifications that someone has read your text message? If you have an iPhone, that message says, "Read."

Since you sent the message, and the recipient read (as in the past-tense verb) your message, you received a Read Receipt. Read being pronounced, "red."

Or, is the receipt you receive a noun, a thing called a Read Receipt? If so, you pronounce Read as "reed."

So, which is it? Well, the site Tech.Mic took an informal poll on Twitter. It turns out, according to his Twitter followers, it's pronounced "red." 43% of respondents chose that option.

It was close, though. 37% say it's pronounced "reed." Another 20% used an acronym we won't say here (see photo).

iPhone read receipt

Except, as it turns out, it's actually "reed." That's according to someone who should know.

Apple pronounces your receipt notifications as "reed receipts." Check out this 2011 video of Apple executive, Scott Forstall.

Note: You can turn off Read Receipts. Under Settings, look for the option Send Read Receipts. You can turn it off, or on.

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