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Soon you'll be able to log onto Google on any device using your smartphone

Perhaps the most annoying part of staying secure in the digital world is passwords. If they're short and simple enough to remember, a hacker can break them in seconds. Ones that are secure enough to keep hackers at bay are much harder to remember, unless you create it correctly, and if you have dozens of them it's nearly impossible.

That's why password manager programs like KeePass are becoming an essential. These let you create very strong passwords and store them behind a single master password. You only need to remember one password but have total security. But what if you're trying to log into an account and don't have your password manager handy? You're probably out of luck. However, Google thinks it has a solution.

Google is testing a system that lets you log in to Google sites on any gadget using just your smartphone. You only have to enter your email address on the site, then confirm you want to log in on your phone. No password needed.

Now, at first it sounds like it might not be too secure. After all, if a thief gets your phone, couldn't they just log into your accounts? Hopefully, you have a lock screen with a strong password set up to keep thieves out of your phone. Plus, if your phone is stolen, you can also turn off this password feature.

You might also wonder what happens if your phone battery dies or you don't have your phone. You can still use a password to log in at any time. It isn't only one way or the other.

Overall, this system is a natural extension of two-factor authentication, which uses both a password and your smartphone to log into accounts. 2FA a great way to make extra sure hackers can't break into your accounts. Learn how to set it up on your accounts.

However, unlike full 2FA, this system trades better security for a bit of convenience. However, it's still more secure than creating a weak password you can remember.

Would you use this system if it makes it to the general public? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments.

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