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Google's Project Fi now on tablets

Google's Project Fi now on tablets
Courtesy of Google Fi

You might have heard that Google is getting into the wireless carrier game with Project Fi. If you didn't know that, then the basics are that a Fi-enabled gadget will connect to the nearest Wi-Fi, Sprint or T-Mobile network, whichever is faster, and use it to make calls and stream data.

You just need to pop a Fi SIM card into your supported gadget, and Google's newest Nexus smartphones support it out of the box. Then you pay a flat $20 a month for voice and text, and $10 for every gigabyte of data you use. So, you only pay for what you need. That's potentially great news for smartphone users, but what about people with tablets who want on-the-go data? Project Fi now supports you, too.

Google has announced a data-only version of Project Fi that you can activate on your existing Fi plan. Simply order a data-only SIM (at no cost) and put it in your gadget. There's no monthly fee, you just pay per gigabyte of data. Data is shared between gadgets on the plan.

Currently supported tablets are:

  • Nexus 7 - K009 (US LTE)
  • Nexus 9 - 0P82300 (US LTE)
  • iPad Air 2 - Model A1567
  • iPad mini 4 - Model A1550
  • Galaxy Tab S - Model SM-T807V

However, Google says that most unlocked tablets and gadgets should work, as long as they're compatible with T-Mobile's network (which uses GSM cellular), so you can order a free SIM card and give it a try.

This would also be a handy way to re-purpose an older smartphone as a data-only gadget. You can always use an app like Skype for voice and texting using data.

You can learn more about Project Fi's data-only plans here. If you want to sign up for Project Fi, head over to the Project Fi page and request an invite.

Does Project Fi sound like something you might like to try? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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