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13 million Mac users hit by data breach

13 million Mac users hit by data breach
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If you're one of the millions of Mac users who is coming to the slow realization that Apple devices aren't much safer than any other digital device, you'll want to hear this. A major breach has occurred on a software program designed to protect you against malware and viruses, and optimize how well your Mac works.

We've told you before about hackers exploiting security gaps in the MacKeeper software. It's a buggy system and, in fact, many users have gone online to warn other Mac users not to download it, saying it's difficult to uninstall, among other problems.

Note: MacKeeper is a German company called Kromtech with a New Orleans office. It says it strives to protect Macs, and provide a human touch with its Mac-focused customer service.

A cybersecurity hobbyist found that 13 million MacKeeper customers' user names, passwords and other information were vulnerable to hacks. This cybersecurity researcher was able to find MacKeeper vulnerabilities in just minutes.

He tapped into the Web browser Shodan, which indexes just about every device that connects to the Internet. He searched for databases that don't require authentication to get in. He found four Kromtech sites.

Kromtech acknowledged the open databases, and has said it has closed those vulnerabilities. Officials wrote on its website, in part:

"Kromtech is aware of a potential vulnerability in access to our data storage system. We are grateful to the security researcher Chris Vickery, who identified this issue without disclosing any technical details for public use.

"We fixed this error within hours of the discovery. Analysis of our data storage system shows only one individual gained access performed by the security researcher himself. We have been in communication with [him] and he has not shared or used the data inappropriately."

Note: It's increasingly important to make sure you stay safe when you're online. Visit the Komando Security Center for tips on keeping safe, including information on anti-virus programs.

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