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The next Samsung Galaxy will have Apple's coolest feature

The next Samsung Galaxy will have Apple's coolest feature

If you've been keeping up to speed on this year's new smartphones, you know there have been quite a few new ones hitting store shelves. There are high-end, big-screen phones like the iPhone 6s, plus low-cost phones, and everything in between.

There is another trend this year that you're likely to see more of in coming years: heated competition. Specifically, Apple and Samsung are duking it out for supremacy in the smartphone arena.

That's because, while Apple may be the best-known smartphone maker, Samsung is actually the worldwide leader. In fact, in third quarter this year, Samsung sold 84.5 million smartphones, compared to Apple's 48.0 million, according to IDC.

On the flip side, Apple is growing faster than Samsung (22% year over year, compared to Samsung's 6.1%). So, Samsung isn't about to sit idle and hope for the best. In fact, when its S7 rolls out in March, it's likely the next Samsung Galaxy will have several new features, including one it's picking up from Apple.

When Apple released its 6s and 6s Plus earlier this year, one of its biggest breakthroughs was its 3D Touch. That's Apple's pressure-sensitive screen, which simply can detect how hard you're pressing down, and open different features depending on your pressure.

Now, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will likely have its own version of a pressure-sensitive screen, according to multiple reports. Note: Samsung is expected to announce the S7's features in February. Keep reading Happening Now for updates.

The S7 will likely keep the large screen from the S6, including the Edge wrap-around screen model. It will also likely have a fast-charging USB-C port, an improved camera and possibly more storage.

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