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'Nemesis' malware is almost impossible to spot and just as hard to get rid of

Throughout human history, warfare has been a back and forth of offense and defense. Dirt and wood forts gave way to increasingly large and complex stone castles as siege engines progressed from fire arrows and simple battering rams to massive stone-throwing trebuchets. When cannons arrived, castles became nearly obsolete and the name of the game was range and mobility.

The same kind of thing goes on in the world of computer viruses. Hackers are on the attack and security companies are on the defense. Hackers are continually finding new and ingenious ways to attack electronic systems, and it's up to software companies and security experts to create good defenses. Recently, though, hackers came up with a major offensive weapon. At the moment, there's no good defense.

The weapon has been dubbed "Bootrash" and it's now part of the Nemesis malware suite. Nemesis is a package of attacks that anyone can buy and use, so even novice hackers can have some serious firepower.

Typically, Nemesis has been used in stealing financial data and was aimed at financial institutions. However, the addition of Bootrash opens it up to more general attacks, and the worst part is that it's almost impossible to detect.

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