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Facebook is killing these three social apps

Facebook is killing these three social apps
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If you're a regular user of Facebook, and a frequent reader of Komando.com, you know that Facebook has grown well beyond its origins as a website where you chat with your family and friends. Facebook is now as much about mobile apps and future technologies, like self-driving drones, as it an online hangout.

We've told you, for instance, that its mobile messaging app, Messenger, now has more than 700 million users. Facebook has also begun to offer online shopping.

It has added apps so you can customize your news, and it's adding lots more ways to share and access videos and photos.

Those developments are also making some of its lesser-used apps obsolete, at least as standalone apps. In fact, Facebook is ditching three apps and its internal idea incubator, Creative Labs.

The apps it's shutting down include Riff. With the app, introduced earlier this year, friends can share videos with your friends. If you gave a room a name, like "funny faces," the idea was that you and your friends posted whatever funny videos fit that title.

Its app Rooms is a place to post anonymous messages. That was in response to apps like Whisper, where people can anonymously share secrets.

Its photo and videos app, Slingshot, allowed you to send photos and videos to your family and friends, then they sent photos and videos back to you. The app competed with apps like Snapchat, where messages disappear shortly after you send them.

However, despite ditching these apps, Facebook isn't moving away from some of the features on them. In fact, Facebook has been taking bits and pieces of some apps, and then incorporating into its Messenger app.

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