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Apple released a case to make your battery last 25 hours

If you own a new iPhone, you know that battery life isn't one of its strong suits. But, the phone's other great features seem to keep customers looking the other way. At least until their battery dies.

But recently, Apple released a smartphone case for the iPhone 6 and 6s that will extend battery life up to 25 hours. Everyone was excited about it. That is, until they saw it.

It's called the Smart Battery Case, and it has an extra battery built in. The case is constructed with a soft microfiber lining and silicone exterior to protect your iPhone, and it connects to your phone's Lightning port so you can charge both at the same time. Its sale price is $99.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 10.23.12 AM

There are just a few problems: it's expensive and ugly. Apple loyalists haven't been shy when it comes to speaking out about the case's hefty price and bulky design.

Some are claiming this is Apple's way of admitting a design flaw in the iPhone itself. They're asking why a longer-lasting battery wasn't simply included in the iPhone's original design.

It's true, this does look like an attempt by Apple to profit off of the iPhone's shorter-lasting battery. However, there are consumers out there coming to Apple's defense, stating that this can't be done if you still want your phone to be thinner.

So is a thinner phone really worth it? In the end, does it really matter if you have to supplement your battery with this bulky case? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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