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Watch out for this Amazon phishing email

If you ever feel like you're the only one vulnerable to malware attacks, rest assured, you're not. We've told you before about the Komando staff receiving phishing emails.

Phishing emails are scams where hackers try to fool you into opening a link in an email. That link will take you to a site where you'll be asked to input your personal information.

A lot of times these phishing emails look so legitimate that you just click through. But, don't click on any email links, unless you're 100% sure who sent it.

Case in point: The Kim Komando Show receives dozens of emails each month from job applicants. Typically, Amazon doesn't send our HR team an email saying our account is suspended. (See photo below.)

Amazon Phishing Email

Yet, that's just what happened. If we were just mindlessly clicking through emails, we may not have thought twice about clicking on the link, "Update Your Payment Methode."

Of course, there are a few red flags that we noticed right away. One, while most of us are Amazon members, none of us uses the Careers@Komando.com email address on our account.

Which brings us to the second, big red flag: That email address doesn't exist. Note: If you're interested in joining the Kim Komando Show team, visit the Komando.com careers page.

Third, did you notice the misspelled word in the phishing email above? If you saw that the link to update your payment "methode" incorrectly ends with an "e," that's just the type of thing to look for if you get a suspicious email.

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