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This guy made an app to do WHAT?

Forty-three-year-old Declan Rooney has found a very unusual calling in life: private sperm donor. In the past year he's contributed (non-sexually) to the making of 31 children (17 boys and 14 girls), with 15 more on the way. That's in addition to his own 8 kids with four women.

He doesn't do it for money, which would be illegal in the UK; he says he does it to help people who are in need. He even has success stories with women who tried clinics multiple times with no luck. In fact, he claims a 50% success rate. So, how did he get so popular?

Rooney is a Web designer, so he made himself a website, which brought him plenty of attention. And now he's followed it up with an app to make it easier for people to find him. Of course, he's gotten so popular he's having to "scale back" his operations.

Granted, there is some controversy over unregulated sperm donation. However, Rooney maintains high standards, and he has strict rules for the people he donates to, including no smoking while trying to conceive. He also stays in contact with the families to see how they're doing. And in a number of cases he's had repeat customers.

Do you have an idea for an app (maybe one that isn't so ... unusual)? Find out how to make your own apps for fun and profit.

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