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Teachers are furious over stolen lessons on this training site

Teachers are furious over stolen lessons on this training site
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With the government placing an increased amount of pressure on educators, teachers have enough to worry about. And considering all of the effort involved, you'd think more people would have educators' backs. But now, teachers are up against a whole new beast.

Recently, Udemy, an online platform that sells educational courses to its 7 million subscribers, was accused of selling stolen content.

The trouble began when academics began finding their courses and lectures for sale on the site. They started voicing their concern, explaining they had not granted permission for the content to be uploaded. Udemy responded by explaining that its user-upload system makes it difficult to ensure that no copyrighted material is included on the site. It  relies on a flagging system, where users can notify it of any violations.

Although piracy seems to be a problem on the site, Udemy states it doesn't take copyright claims lightly. When content is flagged for a copyright violation, the company reviews the claim and removes the content as quickly as possible.

One downside, however, is that anyone who wants to file a complaint must first be a member of Udemy. This upsets many copyright owners who find their content posted on the site. And, we're not talking about accidental uploads. Most of the pirated content shows evidence of editing out watermarks, credits and even proper references to the original owners.

When the media became aware of the issue and began covering the story, Udemy representatives posted a public response on their blog. In the post, the company reassured the public that it was taking steps to resolve this problem and explained that additional reviews of their copyright infringement procedures would take place.

"Our escalation team will be meeting after the holiday to review all of our copyright processes, including allowing people who do not have a Udemy account to use our flagging notification system."

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