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Kids are losing belief in Santa, all thanks to the Internet

Kids are losing belief in Santa, all thanks to the Internet

If you've got kids or grandchildren, you know this time of year requires a lot of dodging questions. "Is Santa Claus real?" "How does he deliver all those toys in one night?"

If you're like a lot of parents, you just cringe, change the topic and gently shove them outside. Eventually, they'll figure things out for themselves, or at school. But, until then, it's fun to keep the Santa story alive.

If you thought keeping it going was tough years ago, just think how difficult it is in the Internet age. A quick Google search for "Santa" and your kids have all the information you don't want them finding. There's a way to ensure they don't.

To keep the magic of Christmas going a little longer, you may want to add a plug-in to block your kids from searching for "Santa." Actually, it blocks them from finding information on Santa Claus that'll spoil their Christmas.

It's from the online privacy firm - pardon the name - HideMyAss (HMA). It found in a study that 13% of American kids learn the truth about Santa Claus from online searches, social media posts and online ads. The main causes of disbelief: Google searches (44%), online ads (34%) and social media sites like Facebook (29%).

With the HMA plug-in, your kids' online searches for Santa will show them just a picture of happy Santa Claus. (See photo above, and below.)

You won't be surprised to learn that disbelief in Santa is starting earlier and earlier. In fact, in the decade plus that Google and Facebook have been around, the average age for discovering the truth about Santa slipped from 8.05 years old to 7.71 years old, according to HMA.

If you're a parent now, you probably stopped believing in Santa when you were 8.71 years old, compared to your kids at 7.25 years old. That's nearly a 17% drop.

HideMyAss Santa Claus

Note: To get the plug-in, follow this link. HMA is a really cool site that hides you from online spies, including rogue governments. It redirects your Internet traffic to a virtual private network and encrypts your online identity.

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