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Your cell plan might be getting more expensive

No one likes it when their cellphone bill increases. It's one of those things we feel we have no control over. We need our cellphones. They're essential.

Another thing we don't like our cellular service provider to mess with is our data plan. During the early days, when smartphones were relatively new, most data plans had unlimited access. Those were the good ol' days.

Since then, most providers have changed over to capped data plans. Stay within your limit and you're fine. Exceed your monthly allowance and get slapped with nasty overage charges. If you wanted an unlimited data plan, you had to be willing to pay the new, higher price tag, which was something consumers had to get used to. But for some lucky AT&T customers out there, they didn't have to.

Until now, AT&T customers that kept their unlimited data plans, have done so without facing a price increase. These data plans date back to the days of the big push for 3G that accompanied earlier versions of the iPhone. That means these customers have managed to keep these plans for around seven years, all at the amazing rate of $30.

But in February 2016, that will change. AT&T has just announced a price increase on unlimited data plans. For now, it won't be too substantial. The rate will increase from $30 to $35. And while that's still an amazing deal for an unlimited data plan, it does have some consumers worrying.

The new rate increase could be AT&T's way of testing out higher prices. This has some speculating that customers will continue to see further increases down the road.

Overall, the response from customers hasn't been complete outrage. The change only impacts their data plans, while talk and text messaging plans are still separate. But, for anyone who isn't satisfied with the new change, AT&T has offered to let them cancel their contracts without early termination fees. They just have to drop their services within 60 days of the new price increase.

If you're thinking of jumping ship and heading over to a new provider, you should know that AT&T isn't alone in raising its prices on unlimited data plans. Both T-Mobile and Verizon have recently issued price increases on their unlimited data plans. For T-Mobile, the price increase was $15 for new customers. For Verizon, the price increase was $20 across the board.

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