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These people made racist Facebook posts, now on billboards

These people made racist Facebook posts, now on billboards

You know that your online comments have an impact on people. If you compliment someone, like, "You look great," or "Congratulations on your new job," you get feedback right away that lets you know it was well received. There's always that quick click of the Like button.

The opposite is very true, too. Words can hurt, whether it's face to face, or comments plastered on social media sites, for the world to see. You've heard about the tragic consequences of online bullying, and efforts by people to stop it from happening.

There's something going on in Brazil that is gaining worldwide attention. In Brazil, the nonprofit group Criola is working to defend the rights of black women. That includes the country's first primetime TV black weather woman, Maria Julia Coutinho.

When she corrected another weatherperson on air, some Facebook users took offense, and posted their anger on the site. Many of these posts amounted to insulting her for being black and using derogatory terms to get their point across.

But the comments did not just stay on Facebook. The comments made their way to billboards along with the posters photo and Facebook ID blurred out.

The idea is to expose racist comments on Facebook, without embarrassing (or endangering) the person posting the message. "We just want to educate people," according to a Criola spokesperson.

However, Criola also set out to teach the racist posters a lesson.

The group searched for racist comments on Facebook and Twitter, then used readily available geo-location tools to find out where those people lived. Criola's billboards were strategically placed in those cyber-bully's neighborhoods.

Criola's founder told the BBC that, "They can't hide from us. We'll find them."

Could this same thing happen here in the United States? Absolutely.  Read these five details you should never share with Facebook.

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