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Your Netflix could have been hacked

Your Netflix could have been hacked

We all have watched some awful movies on Netflix that we aren't proud of ... Sharknado anyone? That's why we've shown you this great tip about how to hide your viewing history on Netflix. But if there are titles you see under "Recently Viewed" that nobody in your house has watched (or is admitting to), it could be something more sinister. There's a good chance that you've been hacked.

How can you tell if your Netflix account has been compromised? The first sign is all kinds of really strange titles showing up under "Recently Viewed" in your account settings.

If you're suspicious or just want to double-check, you'll want to head to the site we've pointed you to before, Have I Been Pwned? Just type in your email address and hit enter. The site will tell you where and how your account was compromised. You can also sign up to get alerts in the future so that you can keep your personal information safe.

If you have been hacked,  immediately change your Netflix password. If your Netflix password is the same or similar to any other passwords you use, you'll want to change them, too. This is a real important step. Your credit card information should be safe because Netflix doesn't store that information on the Netflix site.

Changing passwords is a real pain, but there are steps you can use to make creating a strong password easy. Click here to see some of Kim's tips on strong passwords.

So how do hackers get your Netflix login and password in the first place?

According to Tech Insider, many hackers on the Dark Web are selling lifetime subscriptions to stolen Netflix, HBO GO, HBO Now and Spotify accounts or as little as $0.50 and up to $15 for other packages including sports.

Want to know more about the Dark Web?  Kim does a weekly free podcast, aside from her national radio show. She did an excellent two part series about the Dark Web. You can access Kim's free podcasts on iTunes and Google Play or click here for all of Kim's free podcasts right here on Komando.com.

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