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Bing shows real-time traffic cameras

Bing shows real-time traffic cameras
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You probably remember those commercials from a few years back, where Bing tried to convince consumers how great it is. The commercials featured blind tests of people browsing Bing and Google side-by-side, without knowing which was which.

Of course (according to the commercials) Bing was better. But really, Bing never had much of a leg to stand on. Sorry - you can't take on Google by saying, "See ... you can't even tell the difference."

If you've forgotten those commercials, it's probably because Bing seemed to fade into the background with its tail between its legs. But now, Bing is back at it again. And this time, it might actually be onto something.

Recently, the company reclaimed the spotlight by making improvements to Bing Maps. And these changes might actually persuade you to start using it again.

Bing Maps

To update its service, Bing added Clearflow technology which predicts traffic on roads that don't provide live traffic data. Plus, the company secured access to 35,000 traffic cameras across 11 countries, so drivers can "check in" to see if certain intersections are overcrowded.

To see the cameras, you must use the preview version of Bing Maps. Then, you can click the traffic layer you're interested in, zoom in, and see the cameras available for viewing in that area.

That's pretty cool. But, even though it's enticing, we're still waiting for the intersection preview feature to expand. 35,000 cameras across 11 countries is a really good start, but it may take a while before Bing gains access to more traffic cameras in more cities.

In the mean time, the company hopes these additional features will be enough to entice you to try out Bing Maps. And, who knows? Maybe it will finally convince you it's a real Google competitor.

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