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Why you shouldn't give an Apple Watch this Christmas

One of the big pushes this holiday season is wearables like smartwatches and fitness bands. And king of the market, at least in name recognition, is Apple Watch.

It's sleek, it links up with your Apple gadgets, and it promises to make your life more convenient while also keeping track of your health. Why wouldn't you buy one for that special someone on your list?

If you listen to Joel Johnson over at Fast Company, there are a few reasons. Namely, the Watch hardware is too slow to be truly effective, the interface design is often more frustrating than helpful, and the health-and-fitness features aren't as good as more specialized fitness bands on the market.

He concedes that future models of the Watch will probably be better, but at the moment it's still a first-generation product with the negatives those usually have. Think back to the first iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, and you'll remember that they all took a few generations to actually become the products Apple promised they'd be.

Personally, we've talked to a range of Apple Watch owners and have found people who love it and people who bought it and then shoved it in a drawer. One of the biggest factors is expectations.

If you're looking for a smartphone replacement, the Apple Watch is not for you. In fact, no smartwatch really is. It's also not for serious fitness enthusiasts. However, it does work well for seeing what notifications are important and which ones aren't, or making the occasional Siri command.

Either way, an Apple Watch, or any smartwatch, isn't really a gift you want to buy FOR someone. It takes a certain kind of person to actually find a smartwatch useful, so it's better if they buy it for themselves.

At the least, they should have told you clearly that it's what they want, and the exact model. Just like a smartphone, computer or other tech gadget, the specs matter. You don't want to spend hundreds on the wrong thing.

Do you have an Apple Watch? Let us know your experience in the comments and whether or not you found it as useful as you'd hoped.

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